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How to Write Blog

  1. Blog writing involves creating regular posts on a website or online platform, usually with a specific focus or theme. It's a great way to share your ideas and expertise with others, build a community around your brand or message, and potentially even make money. To be a successful blogger, it's important to develop a clear voice and style, create high-quality content that engages readers, and promote your blog through social media and other channels
  2. W.A.I.T. AI tool will assists user to write a meaningful Blog based on the choice specified by you

Steps to Write Blog:

  1. Visit
  2. Login to your account and go to “Blog Writer” option 

Select Language
  1. W.A.I.T offers you to create your content in 70+ supported language
  2. You can go to "Language" option and click on the dropdown menu to choose the language of your preference for getting the content in the same language

  1. After selecting the desired language, you can now proceed further to create the Topic Title for creating the blog

Step 1: Create your Topic Title


Once clicked on “Blog Writer” you can see “Create your topic title” section. You will be creating the Title of the Blog using below steps:
  1. Enter the details in “What do you want to write about” field. This will a mandatory to create the Title

  1. Once entered the Topic about which Blog needs to be written, Now choose the Tone you want to select for the topic from the dropdown options available
  1. When creating a blog, tone selection refers to the writer's deliberate choice of language and style to convey a particular attitude or mood towards the topic at hand. This tone can affect how readers perceive the writer's message and can influence their emotional response to the content.

  1. Click on dropdown icon in Tone field to see all the choices of Tone available which needs to be chosen

  1. Choose creativity level from the dropdown options available under "Creativity" field
  2. For creating a blog, creativity selection refers to the writer's ability to come up with original and innovative ideas for their content. A creative approach can help to make a blog stand out from the crowd and attract readers' attention

  1. Select the option from the dropdown option. One option need to be selected

  1. Now click on "Generate" button to create the Blog Title
  2. The blog title is the first thing that a reader sees when they come across a blog post, and it plays a crucial role in attracting readers and encouraging them to click and read further. The title selection is, therefore, an important consideration when creating a blog

  1. After clicking on “Generate” button, some topic title options will be created and show on Right Panel of this page
  2. You need to choose the appropriate Title from all the options shown.

  1. In case, you are not satisfied with the Titles generated or want to change the input fields to Re-generate the list of titles again to choose, you can simply change the input fields value and click on "Re-Generate" button

  1. After selecting the appropriate title, click on “Next” button to Proceed further to next step

  1. After clicking on “Next” button, your Title is generated, and you can proceed to next step to "create the Blog Outline”
  2. Also, in case you want to change the Title again, please click on “Previous” button and you will be redirected to first page where you can modify/ change the title again following the same process

  1. Now you can see the Title of your Blog has been created and shown in the Number panel row as Green
  2. The Number Panel row show at the top of page highlights all the steps that will be required to create the complete Blog. As each step is completed the particular step numbers turns green and current step which is in Progress turns Blue 

Step 2: Create your Blog Outline

As Blog Title has already been created in above steps, next step is to create the Blog Outline by following below steps:
  1.  Write “Targeted Keywords” details in the same field to Generate the outline
  2. Targeted keywords play an important role in creating a blog because they help to optimize the content for search engines and attract relevant traffic to the blog. When you use targeted keywords in your blog post, you increase the chances of your content appearing in search results for those keywords

  1. After entering Targeted, click on “Generate” button

  1. After you have clicked on Generate button, Outlines for the Blog will be created and shown in the right panel. In case outline generated is not as per your requirement, you can also click on “Re-Generate” button to re-generate the outline.

  1.  In case any outline is missing, and you need to add manually the section, you can click on “+ Add Section” and add the details as per your need

  1. You can also click on "Edit" icon show against each outline to edit the outline and create it as per your need

  1. You can also click on "Delete" icon, in case you want to delete any outline and do not feel the need to add that particular outline

  1. Once outlines are generated, user can click on “Next” button to finally generate the outlines and proceed further

  1. After you have clicked on "Next" button all the created outline will be shown on Left side
  2. Second step on the Progress Bar will start showing Green

Step 3: Generate Text

As Blog Sections has already been created in above steps, next step is to create the section Text from the Outline sections created by following these steps:

After you have added all the sections, click on "Next" button, text will start getting generated against all the sections mentioned
Below all the Generated outline sections a button indicating "Writing" will display which confirms about the text getting generated

  1. After you have generated the Text "Writing" button will be changed to "Re-Write" and Detailed text against each outline will be created and shown in the Right Panel
  2. You will be able to see all the outlines by using the scroll bar available next to the outlines shown

  1. Once the Text is generated for each outline, Green tick will be shown against outline

  1. You can also "Re-write" button and the complete Text against all the outlines if not satisfied with the text generated.
  2. Click on "Re-write" button to again generate the complete Text

  1. You can also regenerate only single outline text only, in case remaining outline text are correct
  2. Click on Refresh icon available on top of each outline section text

  1. You can also click on Delete button icon available on top of each outline section text
  2. Any Text which is not required can be deleted using this option

  1. Now click on "Next" button to proceed further

Step 4: Review & Edit
  1. After you have proceeded further by clicking on "Next" button, you will be directed to "Review & Edit" page
  2. Final Blog content will be available on this page to review the full content and edit the changes in the content if need. This page will be in editable mode 

  1. You can now either go to "Previous" page or click on "Save and Preview"
  2. In case you want to make any changes in the contente generated and wish to change the input details to generate a different output, click on "Previous" button and you will be redirected to last page

  1. You can skip the Previous button if all the content created is as per the requirement
  2. Now click on "Save and Preview" button to proceed further

  1. Final Blog has content has been generated now and visible on screen once you have clicked on "Save and preview" button
  2. You can now create the Summary of your Blog also
  3. Click on "Summary" button shown vertically in the Right corner of the screen to open the Summary section

  1. Click on "Generate Summary" button to create the summary of your Blog in the Summary section
  2. Summary section will show blank unless Summary is not generated by you

  1. After clicking on "Generate Summary" button, the summary of your Blog will be generated and shown above under Generated Summary section
  2. You will also be given the option to "Re-Generate Summary" if you are not satisfied with the summary generated

  1. Now once the Summary is also generated and you are satisfied with the Blog created, you can click on "Write New" button to go back to blog creator fresh session where you can start creating another Blog

  1. In case you are not ok with the final Blog created and want to make any changes, then you can click on "Go back" button and go to previous page to make the necessary changes

  1. Once the complete journey to create a Blog is successfully completed the Status Bar indicator will show Green tick on all section
  2. You can also copy the complete Blog by clicking on "Copy" icon available on top of the Blog
  3. Full blog will be copied and can be pasted anywhere else

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