Registration & Login

Registration & Login

Registration Process

How To Register on W.A.I.T :

  1. Any New User who want to use W.A.I.T. services to create the content of their choice can Register themselves on the portal and start using website to create all the articles as per their need
  2. Registration process requires a valid email id of the user which will be further used as a Login ID

Steps to Register:

  1. Visit the W.A.I.T website
  2. Click on "Register" button shown at the right top corner of the page

  1. Once Clicked on "Register" button, a Registration form will open where you need to enter the account related details
  2. Enter "First Name" and "Last Name" in the details form. This will a mandatory field, which will be used to display your account name 

  1. After entering the Full name, now select the country where this portal will be used. 
  2. There will dropdown list of different countries name available in "Country" field. You need to select one country from the list

  1. Now enter your Email ID in the Email ID field. 
  2. This will also be a mandatory field which will be used as an identifier of your account.
  3. You will use same Email ID to login to your account further.

  1. After entering the Email ID, now create the password for your W.A.I.T. account.
  2. To create the password, you can enter the desired Password in the "Password" field.
  3. Kindly ensure to remember this password as this will be required further to again Login to your account.

  1. After entering Password details, next confirm the password by entering again the same Password.
  2. Confirm Password is used to reassure that you have entered the correct password and correctly remember the password typed by you.

  1. After filling all the details of Registration Form, Now click on "Register" button.
  2. Register button will be used to save your details and create an account with the same details.

  1. After you have clicked on Register button and verified your account via your registered email ID, now your account is ready to use.
  2. You can login to your W.A.I.T account anytime and start using the services

Login Process

How To Login on W.A.I.T :

  1. Once you have created your W.A.I.T account, your next step is to Log In to your account

Steps to Login:

  1. Visit the W.A.I.T website
  2.  Click on "Login" button shown on top right corner of the page

  1.  After clicking on Login button you will now be able to see Login details section on the same page
  2. Enter your registered Email ID to proceed further with Login Process

  1. Now click on "Next" button

  1. Enter the Password of your account

  1. Click on "Login" button after entering the email ID and Password

Forgot Password

  1. In case you forgot your password at the time Login, you can also reset your password using "Forgot Password" feature
  2. Click on "Forgot Password" button after entering your email id

  1. After you have clicked on "Forgot Password", a page will get opened where you can enter your registered email ID and click on "Submit" button

  1. A Password reset link has sent to your mailbox, you can follow the instructions mentioned in the mail and reset your Password

  1. Now you have logged into your account using current and able to access the account

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